Regular Seva

Below are the list of Seva’s that could be performed on regular basis. The tickets for the seva’s are available at the office counter and the prasadam for the same would be distributed at the counter next to the main office.

Regular Seva details : (sevas to be booked in Advance only)

01. Sarva Seva: Abhishekam, Seshavastra, Vadamala & Prasada (One day morning Seva for Sree Anjaneya) Rs.  500-00
02. Abhishekam Seva with Prasadam Rs.  100-00
03. Vadai Mala Seva  (on availability only) Rs.  200-00
04. Everyday Evening Navaneeta Alankaram to Moola Ganapathi on Available Days Only (with 2 Kgs of Nandni Butter tobe given on the previous day of the Seva to the Temple office) Rs.  100-00
05. Govugrasa and Pooja in the morning Rs.  100-00
  • Sree Dhanvantari Homa on Poornima /
  • Sree Ganapathi Homa on Sankashatahara Chaturti /
  • Sree Ramataaraka Homa on Punurvasa Nakshatra /
  • Sree Navagraha Homa on Last Saturday of calender Month
  • Sri Subramanya Homa – sukla shasti only
Rs.    50-00

(Samoohika seva only on respective days)

07. Panchamrutha Abhishekam for Sree Mahaganapathi Rs.    50-00
08. Sree Sankashtahara Ganapathi Vratha (Samoohika Seva) Rs.    30-00
09. Punarvasu Nakshatra Pooja / Pradosha Pooja / Panchamrutha Abhisheka Rs.    20-00
10. Panchamrutha Abhishekam for Moolaganapathi Rs.    20-00
11. Panchamrutha Abhishekam for Sree Navagraha on Saturday’s only Rs.    20-00
12. Panchamrutha Abhishekam for Sri Rajarajeshwari Rs.    20-00
13. Sree Sathyanarayanaswami Pooja(Samoohika Seva) Rs.    15-00
14. Nithya Prasada Seva (Rice for next day’s prasadam) Rs.    05-00
 15.  Tulabhara Seva – for details contact Office  Rs. 250-00